Pure art with Triana ‘La Canela’

Tuesday, 07 August 2018 by

If art has a name, it carries hers: Triana ‘La Canela’. With only 8 years old and since he started walking, his feet have done nothing but dance. Pure flamenca that dazzles with its magic to everyone who sees it. Winner for two consecutive years of the Flamenco Dance Contest ‘Al Compás de Granada’ in

Channel Andalucia Flamenco to spread this art worldwide It has presented the channel Andalucia Flamenco, a multimedia platform RTVA 24 hours a day flamenco. The presentation of this new thematic channel maximum accessibility has been carried out in Andujar (Jaen), where the Andalusian Radio Television tonight will receive the award Rafael Romero ‘El Gallina’.  

“Flamenco is clandestino,” said Soledad Barrio, the star of the renowned company Noche Flamenca, who moved with her family from Madrid to Washington Heights two years ago. In a flamenco studio, she continued, “you don’t need big windows — or beautiful space.” Amor de Dios, the flamenco center in Madrid where Ms. Barrio, 50, and


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