Pure art with Triana 'La Canela'

If art has a name, it carries hers: Triana 'La Canela'.

With only 8 years old and since he started walking, his feet have done nothing but dance. Pure flamenca that dazzles with its magic to everyone who sees it.

Winner for two consecutive years of the Flamenco Dance Contest 'Al Compás de Granada' in the children's category, winner of this contest in cadet category and winner of the contest 'Al Compás de Andalucía' in the youth category; recognitions in different flamenco shows and participation in others by the hand of great dancers like Iván Vargas, with whom he trains in his flamenco school 'Manolete'.

Triana participates normally on Wednesdays and Sundays in 'La Cueva de la Rocío' where she leaves with her mouth open to hundreds of people who come to see her show.

Tireless in his training and perfectionist in his dances. She says dedicating her free time to dancing, because for her it is not effort is a passion that needs every second of the day. His house is full of aprons and accessories that he uses for his shows, which seem insufficient and he asks his mother to make him the more the better.

You only need to listen to the first are to start creating, when the art is carried inside the steps come out alone.

Innocence, passion and dedication in a body so small that it leaves us a phrase that seems incredible that comes out of a girl with her young age: 'Living is dreaming and I dream with my feet'.


Photo courtesy of: Mayte MCaro


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